Makeup Worx Airbrush Angels

Building an impeccable team of equally skilled and obsessed makeup junkies, is a priority. Monika is extremely selective with who works and represents the Makeup Worx name.

If you love makeup or even shy away from it, but want to learn, look fabulous or just feel like an A+ version of yourself, this is the team to do it! 




It’s a common story I tell about how I recruited our Studio Director and Airbrush Angel Janet. It only took me 5 years to plant the seed to have her join our Makeup Worx family. But resilience is the key... and maybe the stars aligned like she likes to say!

Janet’s makeup artistry talent is phenomenal. She is a true artist with over 20 years of artistry experience. Janet is extremely passionate, professional and dedicated to her work. Her Makeup Worx family describes her as one of the most kind, hardworking and giving humans. Quite frankly she is our unicorn. 




The first time I met Anthony I was overwhelmed by his calmness, his speed, and precision. He was the most soft spoken, comedic personality and oh so charming. He had me at hello... I trusted him immediately. The rapport he has with every client and bride that sits in his chair is incredible. 

From the most intricate up-dos and braid-work, to cascading waves, Anthony is quite simply an artist. He challenges himself constantly by attending some of the industry’s top hair shows. Hair texture is his specialty as he has no fear in the most challenging hair types and creating fullness from fine hair. 

To me Anthony is one of the most hard working people I know. He approaches every situation with grace and class. I absolutely love having him on my team. He creates an incredible balance. He also has an full service salon which he owns Diletti Salon and Spa in Stoney Creek. Amaze balls!




One of the most creative, calm and ridiculously talented women I know. Who I may add I have never seen as having a bad or even mediocre hair day. Now that’s extraordinary .. even now as momma to twin boys! 

Ashley has both heart and hands of gold. She is a master at updos and that sought after bridal or everyday wave. With just one touch she is capable of making no hair look like there’s tons of it. Could it be fairy dust? Maybe but more likely it’s just talent.  




Like all of my artists I was introduced to Haley by a stylist and was overwhelmed with her undeniable raw and cultivated creative talent. Her skin is porcelain and she’s one of the only people I won’t talk into getting an airbrush tan...

Haley has a degree in Theatric Arts. She is a lover of cats and Halloween. Sometimes during makeup applications she sings along with background music or even a-cappella. I sometimes try to join her but a duet doesn’t sound quite as good.  

Her Makeup Worx family describe her as a free spirit who is ridiculously talented and has a heart of gold. She’s my personal eyeliner princess.




I can still remember the first day I met Meaghan. We worked together at a local MAC cosmetics counter and everyone radiated towards her incredible personality, her larger than life laugh and all around positivity and beauty.

We have been together ever since that first day... over 7 years ago.

She has this innate ability to make everyone that sits in her chair feel confident, get excited over the smallest individual eyelash application and is definitely one of my biggest cheerleaders. I can’t imagine Makeup Worx without her.

Her Makeup Worx family describe her as a positivity maven with an endless array of energy. She has the talent to brighten anyone’s day and welcomes any challenge to do so.




One of the most important things I cherish about my team is that we truly are a family.  I’ve know Missy since working at MAC back in our early makeup days. Her skill, precision along with a calm and compassionate nature makes everyone so at ease around her. 

I’ve been honoured to have Missy part of our Makeup Worx family for 7 years. Our team describe her as an avid animal lover, a little shy with the biggest heart. 

In every passing minute there is a chance to turn it all around. Whether it be by creating beautiful memories for our brides and clients to being our cheerleader for animal rights... she is our warrior. 




The moment I met Michelle I knew that we would forever be linked in the bridal world and I just had to have her on my team. Her professionalism, witty nature and constant flawless skin is intoxicating. 

She has this immediate calming effect on people and she genuinely cares. Her passion radiates from every style she does. Her warmth, incredible selections in personal lip colour and dewy skin along with her quick whit and charm make her a staple at Makeup Worx.

Our Makeup Worx family describe her as a kindred spirit with a big heart and undeniable talent. Quite simply she makes me look like a rockstar so having her by my side makes me look even better!




I was introduced to Nadine by another artist. The moment I met her I was overwhelmed with her positivity, her gorgeous smile and infectious laugh. All I wanted to do was be around her. Her artistry is surreal. Her talent is masterful. No wonder she’s the IT makeup girl at notable TV stations like SportsNet.

She makes it a point to make everyone feel super at ease and confident when in her makeup chair. She’s very meticulous, pays attention to detail and never says no! It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been lucky enough to have Nadine on our Makeup Worx team and whenever I need her I know she will never let me down. 

Her Makeup Worx family describe her as compassionate, with an extraordinarily huge heart and an incredible positive energy. This woman knows the true meaning of the word team and I’m so lucky she’s on ours. 




I can still remember the very first time I went to the MAC counter while I was in high school and there she was. A goddess behind the counter. Her makeup was superior, smokey eyes in full effect and a perfect smile. She made me feel so comfortable and I bought everything she told me to. She left a love-mark on me that I never forgot. 

Fast forward to a few years later, to fashion shows and bridal glam, we met again at the perfect time where Nicole started her Makeup Worx chapter. Her loyalty, incredible passion and her ability to make clients and brides shine with confidence is overpowering. 

Her Makeup Worx family describe her as compassionate, an extremely good listener with a passion for life, art and family. For me Nicole is an icon in the makeup world and I’m lucky to have her add a special spark to our team. 




I was introduced to Rhonda from a fellow Makeup Worx artist and I remember asking some pretty tough questions during our initial meeting. She stood out with her calmness, her irresistible giggle and professional nature. We’ve been inseparable every since.

I thought I bought a lot of makeup. I was mistaken. Rhonda is the princess of trying and buying just about every brand and she is literally a Wikipedia when it comes to product knowledge and creating flawless skin. Doing weddings together we sometimes need to ask for more room to lay everything out. Downsizing kits is just too hard.

Our Makeup Worx family describe Rhonda as a makeup connoisseur who is passionate, talented and meticulous. To me, I am drawn in by the energy we exude together. It is so powerful and contagious. I’m so lucky to have such a staple on our Makeup Worx team. 




Venturing into the unknown and starting Makeup Worx on my own was a bit scary. As I started getting busier I needed a side kick, an artist who was super talented, yet could balance out my super hyper personality and OCD nature for certain things. Enter ... RRrrrosa!

She’s been with me since the beginning. Almost 9 years later she is one of the most talented and dedicated artists I know. She’s a powerhouse in choosing that perfect lip colour and makes any eye and lip liner look spectacular. Her talent for colour selection and listening to a clients vision while executing the perfect look is just awesome. 

Our Makeup Worx family describe her as extremely patient, with a little bit of sass and masterful in her craft. To me, she’s a partner who I trust and can’t imagine collaborating without. And yes I like to roll the “R” in her first name! 




Professional, caring and oh so talented. I’ve known Sasha now for a few years and I still can’t keep up with her ever changing hair styles. She is extremely honest and doesn’t hold back. Her passion for creating the perfect style is evident the moment she meets you. 

Her ambition is fierce travelling and learning from some of the industry’s top hair artists. From LA, New York to Toronto she spares no expense to keep on top of the latest trends making her mark on the bridal hair scene and everyday looks. 

Her Makeup Worx family describe her as meticulous, motivated and passionate ensuring that everyone is educated on the art of clean hair. To me she’s hilarious and always makes me laugh! It’s infectious so we love passing happy vibes on